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Hy guys,Did you know. I have a cousin who work as a tour guide. Venny Vielsa is her name.She is an english student of teacher training and education faculty of tanjungpura university. She is not work at some company but that work like hobby.

Me : What the reason you want to be a            tour guide?

Venny : I choose  to be a tour guide because i’am happy when i can talk and together with tourist and as you know my hobby is traveling.

Me : Wow sound nice girl😱😍😍, and where the tourist can from you had to guide?

Venny : The tourist from Slovakia.

Me : Where is the place you go?

Venny : We go to Danau Sentarum🌊💕

Me : What the reason you bring him to Danau Sentarum?

Venny : Because that place is the one place i have in my village and Danau Sentarum is famous which one has claimed as a world lungs and there is many culture we can see☺😊😄

Me: Wow it this so amazing😍. Ok thanks for time that all for me and thanks for the interview today. I love you so much💖💖

Venny : Anytime darling😉

So that’s the result interview of me and my cousin. She doing the work she like and she have a skill that and i’m very suporting what she does, so do something you love as long as it is positif and you have that skill


adverb.png1. Adverb of manner to answer quesion how

Example : Slowly, carefully , fast , well, beautifully, quickly, etc

2. Adverb of time ( to answer the quesion when)

Example : Today, tomorrow, yesterday, on monday, in 1998, on may, at 7.30, etc.

3. Adverb of place( to answer the quesion where)

Example : Here, there, in pontianak, on jalan ahmad yani, at UPT Bahasa Untan, at your home, etc.

4. Adverb of frequency ( to answer the quesion how often)

Example : always, sometimes, never, once, twice, every day, etc.

Robots in the Home

robot-02.jpg1. Critical cartoons

A. Warm up

1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them. I used at least 6 electronic, they are rice cooker, hp, fan, laptop, tv, and washing engine

2. What activities do robots do today? what other things would you like them to do? The robots can do cook rice, wash clothes. It would be great it robots could finishing my problem

3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? what? why? I think yes, there is eat. Because people need food to survive.

2. Core vocabulary

A.scanning and skimming

1.Find and underline the keywords in the text. The first one is done for you. Try to guess their meanings

• Adopt : to accept or start to use something now

• Effort : physical or mental activity needed to achieve something

• Aid : Support, help

• Force : Physical, especially violent, strength or power

• Career : The jod or series of the jobs that you do during your working life, especially if you continue to get better jobs and earn more money

• Oppose : To disagree with something pr someone

• Code : Language, a system of words, letters or signs which it used to represent a message in gecret form

• Potential : Someone’s or something’s  abillity to develop, achieve or succeed

• Doubt : Uncertain, not sure

• Serve : to work for

2. Read the statements below. Which best summarizes the text? Circle A,B or C. Answer is B. in the future, robots will help us in the home and might also be considered family members

I Can’t Imagine Life Without

Hi readers😄 how are you? I would like to tell about me and handphone. Yes this is my handphone💖. the one is everything for me. I can’t imagine life without my handphone😢😢😢. Handphone is the one thing that i love, my mine, always available for me, my best friend and always stay by my side wherever and whenever😍😻💕. I think handphone is very usefull and everyone really need it. I’m really can’t imagine my life without handphone and as you know the fungtion of the handphone is multifungtion,which one is makes we be able to communication in a distance away from us and i really needed🙋😍😍. With that i can be able to communication with my parent👪. Handphone is very useful for some people who have a distance relationship, and the other handphone is can fill our insight and our knowladge😉😉. If we can used well it can be our alternatif so we can be our learn easy by internet in our handphone😄😄😄. And many thing not only the used handphone? so can’t be the wrong if we can’t life without handphone because that is very useful for me. oh yeah readers one thing my suggestion if you used handphone you should using it well. So we will not getting the negative impact, so use it something it well😉😉😉.

My Skill


Hello Everybody, my name is Fiona Aulia and you can call me fiona or fio😊 . In this blog i would to tell you about my skill , to be honest i’m nerveous , and it’s hard to say or to know my own skill 😂haha! yeah i know if i doubt my skill , and how about someone else ? that should you know i felt my life is like flat😔😔 , and there is no special and maybe sometime what the important i’m in this world ? i know that everyone have a skill each other , but so far i doubt to find my skill ! i love reading the novel , and i think with reading can makes an inspiration to write , and i love to be writer , as a writer i can to exsprresing about something in write , sometime if i felt bored or whatever kind it is i will expres by writing , and i will very happy if i got the arrange task , i have ever follow competation in highschool , and alhamdulillah i won😄👏👏 , i did it , i’m always follow the competation in my school althougt i’m not be the winner , because i love and i have that skill , i will not hopeless if i failed. i don’t have a motto in my life , don’t be afraid if fail try again if we never fail it is mean we never effort , right ? and that should you know there is nothing the effort it easy so if we are fail we have to try again , keep fight and then learn more , learn from mistake , don’t ever give up!😄💪👌

Why I Continue My Study to University Level

     Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahhi Wabarakatu. Hai readers😊 how are you? My name is Fiona Aulia, you can call me Fiona or Fio. I’am student of Tanjungpura University in Mathematics and Science Faculty in Chemistry department.

     Well i want to tell you Why I Continue My Study  to University Level. The first reason, I think everyone should have a knowledge. Knowledge is important. I think if someone without knowledge is like a trash upss😂. But if someone have a knowledge is like a diamond💎😍. 

     The second reason, i want to make my parents happy. If i had knowledge i gonna get a good job 👏👏👏. And it is make my parents happy. 

     The last reason, i want to be useful for other people, of course if we have a knowledge it would be useful for other people. And we are gonna be a person who is needed. 

     I have a dream is to be useful for other people, and whoever had the pleasure of being with me 😇. I think if I Continue My Study to University Level will add my knowledge, my life was going to be better, my dream becomes real and my parents will be happy. I hope we get a good life and useful for other people 🙏🙏. Be yourself and live your dream👌.

      I think that’s all the reasons Why I Continue My Study to University Level. Thanks for your attention😄. I’m sorry if my english is not god enought 😂😂.Wassalammualaikum warrahmatullahhi wabarakatu, See you 🙌